WavElectric Inc. develops a generator that converts the kinetic energy of ocean waves in electricity.

WavElectric can be sealed in a buoy scaled to different sizes and deployed as a single modular system or in arrays. The output can range from a few watts up to several megawatts to cover a number of applications: powering single marine signals lights, marine monitoring devices, up to supplying electricity to entire communities.

WavElectric is currently developing an onboard generator to power all sorts of off-the-grid marine electrical devices (research, meteorological, military buoys). The device will be tested in collaboration with EOM Offshore, the for-profit department of Woods Hole Oceanographic (world leading marine research institute)

WavElectric’s goal is to provide the world with a constant, reliable, ubiquitous, and renewable source of energy. WavElectric Inc. targets the $3.5 trillion global energy market.

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