WavElectric is a generator that converts the kinetic energy of ocean waves in electricity.

WavElectric can be sealed in a buoy scaled to different sizes and deployed as a single modular system or in arrays. The output can range from a few watts up to several megawatts to cover a number of applications: powering single marine signals lights, marine monitoring devices, up to supplying electricity to cities.

WavElectirc is currently developing an onboard generator to power all sorts of off the grid marine electrical devices {military, research buoys}.

WavElectric’s production, installing, and servicing cost to output ratio is projected to be the lowest among renewable sources.

WavElectric’s goal is to provide the world with a constant, ubiquitous, and renewable source of energy.

WavElectric’s spherical generator was named ‘2011 Sustainable Tech’ by NASA Tech Briefs.